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MOMS Club® of Coventry/Mansfield, CT

What Our Club Is About

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Our club is a great way to connect with other stay at home moms during the day.  It's great for our children to have some social interaction with their peers (and it's great for the moms too!).

Once a month a calendar is put together for playgroups.  Members of the club volunteer to host a playgroup at their home or at a public location.  Some of the playgroups in the past have included: crafts, playgrounds, parks, libraries, museums, hayrides and much more.  In addition to playgroups there are programs in the club that give moms a chance to help support one another. 


Support For Moms

Meals for Moms Program
Moms Night Out

Kids Closet

Baby Sitting Coop


MOMS Club Goals:

To provide a support group for mothers who choose to stay at home to raise their children.

To provide a forum for topics of interest to mothers. To help children in the community.

To perform at least one service project yearly helping needy children.

MOMS Club Principles:

That women must be free to choose their personal path to fulfillment.

That, for women who choose it, raising children is an important and fulfilling full-time job.

That a family's decision for a mother to stay at home to raise the children often involves considerable financial sacrifice.

That there is no one right way to raise children, but our members have a common concern in raising their children in a healthful way.



Local Media
WILI AM Radio Broadcast Airdate: September 25, 2007

Coventry Monthly Article Issue: September 2007

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